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My name is Mili Sánchez Azcona, I am 35 years old and I am from Mendoza, Argentina, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

I am a curious architect and an amateur photographer, who is always looking for good stories to capture around the world.

As Julio Cortázar stated in one of his essays, I believe that pictures are equal to tales, they are like short stories.


As photographers, we give the viewer a glimpse of the global situation, we only pick a fragment of it, that we carefully select, and everything that is outside the limits of the rectangle is up to their imagination, just like when we read a story. 

When I take pictures and then I edit them, I feel like a writer. I carefully pick the characters of my story and the scenography, which happens to be architecture, and then I decide what I want to show and what I want to hide.


I invite you to dive into my stories and I hope you enjoy them! 

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